Welcome to Making Bread and Honey!

I’ve got to be honest.

If I’d known just how much work a blog was going to be, I’m not sure I’d have started one!

But I love my blog. It’s a real passion away from my family; that’s mine and mine alone. It’s a welcome escape from the pressures of family life.

That said, having recently given Making Bread and Honey a new theme and redesigned it, I’ve become aware that most of my posts are quite heavy topics, and I want to break this up a little.

I love reading other bloggers’ personal stories, and I think that my blog would be far more interesting if it included some of mine.

So, I’m going to add some more light-hearted articles and some new categories to Making Bread and Honey. I hope you like it because I’m really excited about the new direction the blog is going to take.

So, to begin. Here’s more about me:

I’m a 43-year-old mother of two and a small business owner. Almost seven years ago, we bought a project in the English Countryside, and it’s, well, still a project…

The house is a mess, and the garden a jungle. But, I have BIG aspirations…

I just lack the time. And money.

My husband co-owns a small start-up business which means income is really uncertain and just about pays off the mortgage. To add insult to injury, we decided to put our children into a fee-paying school because the opportunities for them there are so much greater than the local state-run school. You won’t be surprised to know that this is where all my money goes! Well, that and endless pairs of children’s shoes and hobbies…

However, I need to take control of my situation because right now, life’s pretty hectic! I want to improve my financial situation, so I have extra money to spend on doing up my home and, perhaps, on something for me.

I’m putting myself through law school with the prospect of an interesting, steady, and relatively well-paid job and dreams of learning to horse-ride again. That, and a workshop for my husband so he can remove his tools from my kitchen… (No, sadly, I’m not joking.)

I’ve paid for my law course from my investments over the years, and have just about scraped enough together to pay for the next one.

But, I need some zen energy to get things in order. And that means accountability and direction – this blog is perfect!

I originally started the blog to share what I’ve learned about the family economy – in the broadest sense – and the new knowledge I’m hoping to discover. The weblog is a great way to keep track of it all and share it with people who also have limited time and need a filter from all the noise on the internet.

I’m all about sustainable household management making life easier and less stressful. And it’s about the challenges that present themselves in doing this.

It’s about Making Bread and Honey!

P.S. For more about my blog, check out my About page.

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