Welcome to Making Bread and Honey!

I’m Alicia Fitzherbert, and I’m the founder of Making Bread and Honey.

I’ve started this blog to journal my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and share my learning and tips on achieving one, including investing your income, growing your business, maintaining good health, and caring for the environment.

I have an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a Master of Business Administration, along with some financial qualifications, which help me to understand investing and environmental science.

I love to share what I learn and hopefully to help others along their journey, too.

I’m a mother of two and a small business owner who works as an investment writer. We also bought a project in the English Countryside, and it’s, well, still a project.

The house is a mess, and the garden a jungle. But I have BIG aspirations…

I need to take control of my situation because, right now, life’s pretty hectic!

I’m putting myself through law school with the prospect of an interesting, steady, and relatively well-paid job so I can make the home of my dreams. That, and a workshop for my husband so he can remove his tools from my kitchen… (No, sadly, I’m not joking.)

However, I need accountability and direction if I’m to achieve my dream of a sustainable income, a productive garden, a beautiful home, and a healthy family.

I started the blog to share what I’ve learned about sustainability when raising a family – and the new knowledge I hope to discover. The weblog is a great way to keep track of it all and share it with others.

I’m all about sustainable household management, making life easier and less stressful. And it’s about the challenges that present themselves in doing this.

It’s about Making Bread and Honey!

P.S. For more about my blog, check out my About page.

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