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Well, that’s June. I can’t believe it went so fast. My girls finished their school year at the end of the month and are now home until September.

I love having them at home. I know some parents dread the arrival of the summer holiday.

But, one advantage of working for yourself and from home is that I can be flexible. And I love that.

However, my productivity plummets… I know you’ll understand!

For example, yesterday began with a discussion with other parents over concerns about a new Whats App group started by – it turns out – one of the boys in my eldest daughter’s class. His number wasn’t recognised, and a few parents were concerned in case he was a dodgy adult who would then send the children disturbing images.

Fortunately, we found out what had happened fairly quickly, and now, everything is calm again.

But, it was good for me as a mother to remind myself about some of the dangers out there that I was never exposed to as a child. Who said being a parent was easy…?!

Anyway, that took 90 minutes out of my working day. Then, my eldest daughter complained of feeling ill, and my day went on…

But that’s how we roll as home-based mothers, isn’t it…?!

In other news, I discovered that I still get hangovers from non-alcoholic gin. There was me being good on a Friday night at a friend’s BBQ as I had to get up early the next morning for my law course (the teaching is at weekends).

And, I woke up with a stinking hangover! I couldn’t believe it. Likely a combination of preservative salts that had dehydrated me.

Next time, I’m sticking to water.

Moving on to the rest of June… the highlight of my month was deciding to take a family holiday to Thailand!

I’m so excited, let alone the children. I can’t wait, as it will be our first family holiday! I’ll be sure to add some photos next month.

June 2024 Goals

I set myself some goals in June. Let’s see how I did:

  • 1. Get my coursework handed in before we go on holiday. PASS.
  • 2. Get my car cleaned and valeted. Yes, this was a big issue! We live fairly rurally, and my kids’ dirty feet go all over it regularly. I do say no to food, however. But it was disgusting. I’m going to try to get it cleaned more often. I do like a clean car. Oh, and I’ve discovered car steam cleaning. This means no more horrid chemicals and a high reduction in water use. Win. PASS.
  • 3. Finish the mancave. We’ve eventually saved up enough to get a workshop made for my oh-so-creative husband in the garden. I’m not sure who’s more excited, me or him…! It means I can then get all his tools and ‘creativeness’ out of my kitchen, where they’ve been for the last 8 years… Unfortunately, the roofing, cladding and door suppliers were out of stock for a few weeks. So… FAIL. Boo.
  • Get up-to-date business books to the accountant. He needs to prepare our annual accounts. He’s also good at chasing me. PASS.

All in all, not too bad.

July Goals

  1. Apply for some legal work experience. No application is complete without this. I need to do at least three different locations, and by the end of July, I will still need another one. It’s good to get it sorted as soon as possible.
  2. Book a birthday party for my eldest. She’s a summer baby and wants to go to LaserQuest with as many girlfriends as possible. Must make it happen.
  3. Get the cat using the cat flap. She’s quite happy to come in; she just doesn’t want to go out. Which is fine when we’re here but not when we’re away. I have a plan for this.
  4. Finish the last course unit’s reading… It’s very dry. I will do this. Promise.
  5. Get the mancave completed! Fingers crossed… I can then start in the garden and clean the kitchen thoroughly. I dread to think what’s under his piles of tools. Uuugggghhhh.
  6. Enjoy our family holiday and do lots of snorkelling with the girls!

How was your June?

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